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Интерьерные и экстерьерные поверхности

M8 Surface materials

M8 Corporation is the biggest suppliers of materials, technologies and equipment on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. 

Here you are one of our branches M8 Surface materials. This branch is a supplier of materials that are necessary for the production of furniture and interior surfaces.Our main goal is to make modern materials available at the Belarusian market. This idea captured our minds and during these 26 years, we are the first to supply our market with new solutions.
We are not only suppliers of furniture materials, we are suppliers of the brands that are recognized all over the world! We are suppliers of the brands that the best designers choose! We are suppliers of the brands that help to realize great projects! 

Let's create amazing projects!

5077 companies rely on M8 Surface materials. Our Customers’ thanks and feedbacks inspire us to work faultlessly. So this is what makes us better every day. M8 Surface materials were used to decorate Belarusian landmark projects:

Building "Development Bank"
Water park "Lebyazhiy"
Business center of the IT company "Epam Systems"
Sports and Entertainment complex "Minsk-Arena"
Buildings "Belarusbank" and "BPS-Sberbank"
Business center of the cellular operator "Velcom"
Country club "Robinson Club"
Shopping center "Zamok"
Supermarket "Korona"
Hotel "Victoria"
Supermarket "Green city"
Hotel "Belarus" and many others.
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In the photo: Spiral staircase finishing with DuPontTM Corian® solid surfaces at the business center on the 35th Masherov Avenue.

Nowadays we dispose of next materials:
- More than 180 colours of Abet Laminati HPL Plastics 
- More than 30 colours of Polycasa Satin Glass
- More than 50 colours of solid surfaces DuPont, Corian and Dupont Montelli
- New exclusive brands: quartz surfaces Silestone, Dectone Surfaces and granite surfaces Sensa.

M8 Surface Materials branch is represented in every region of Belarus: Minsk, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilyov.

We are the first supplier!

We are the exclusive representatives of the brands of our materials on the territory of Belarusian market, what guarantees the best prices for our customers.

If you have any questions or offers, please contact us by: 
Email: supplier@m8.by 
Phone: +375 17 239 09 64